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I'm based in County Clare, Ireland.  You can work with me via video consultation. If you would like to find out how I can assist you or a family member, please book in for your free 20 minute clarity call.

In my practice I take ample time to understand your ailments and how they impact on the rest of your life.  My approach is holistic and based on the understanding that your physical body, mind and emotions are interconnected.

Experience has taught me that root cause/s must be addressed in order to restore wellness. Alongside constitutional homeopathic remedies and Homeopathic Detox therapy I may recommend dietary and lifestyle modifications, herbal organ support, emotional support with flower essences, exercise, and meditation to help enhance vitality and maintain optimum levels of well-being.

I treat people from all walks of life and suffering from a wide range of conditions. I have a special interest in ADHD/ ADD. Homeopathic treatment offers an effective, gentle and natural approach with no side effects to worry about.

Though many of my patients suffer with chronic ailments I also offer advice for acute conditions.
I am committed to high professional standards, safety, as well as delivering the best possible service. I actively keep up to date with the latest research, news, trends and developments in the area of homeopathy, in order to grow and enhance my knowledge. 


I value an integrated approach to medicine, and am happy to work closely with other health practitioners. 

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