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About me


I started my working life supporting adults with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum disorder, ADHD and learning difficulties. This led me on a journey to find modalities that can truly improve the quality of life for individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions.

I am happy to say my journey was successful! I found Homeopathy and Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT). I attained my degree in Homeopathic medicine 15 years ago and have been learning every day since.

I have a special interest in treating children who struggle with emotional regulation, anxiety, restlessness, inability to focus, impulsiveness and aggression. Children who may have acquired the label ADHD/ADD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, and/or other co-existing conditions ASD, ODD, SPD.

My focus is always on a child's unique personality, emotional expression and reaction to their environment. What triggers them or makes them anxious, and more importantly Why? There is always one or more root causes if a child is struggling at home, in school or socially. Some of the most common root causes I come across is a history of trauma, nutritional depletion, dietary impairment, gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, toxicity (e.g. heavy metals, glyphosate), hormonal imbalances, susceptibility to infection, presence of parasites.

In my experience constitutional homeopathic treatment helps restore emotional stability, calm, attention and focus by resolving the underlying causes of ADHD/ ADD.

I am deeply concerned about the trend of over-medicating our children and I know a lot of other parents are too. I'm happy to share my experience and knowledge of homeopathic medicine with anyone seeking information about natural ways and gentle systems of medicine to support their child's neurodevelopment. I offer online consultations for those seeking homeopathic treatment.

There's many ways to help our children, and often a multidisciplinary approach is required to meet their many needs. Homeopathy as an adjunct to conventional/ functional/ naturopathic medicine, speech & language, occupational therapy is often like a key that unlocks a doorway, opening a world of new possibilities, progress, and improvements for the individual.

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