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Emotional regulation and Reduced sensory sensitivity with Homeopathy

Such lovely gains to hear about from mother of boy with ASD, ADHD and SPD at his third appointment, six months into homeopathic treatment:

"He's like a different kid. When he started he was depressed. Nothing would make him laugh, now he's having fun, laughing and engaging. He's happy!.

He used to say that he wanted to be normal, and not be so angry all the time. Not hearing this now.

60% reduction in meltdowns. They used to happen once a week. We've had four in 2 months.

Now he expresses himself and will explain that he's trying to get himself together. This is a huge improvement, we've been trying to get here since 4 years old!

Less lash outs at school even though school is still his biggest trigger.

Went back to school after lockdown, would usually be hugely triggered by transitions and take a month to adjust. Only gave him meds for first couple of days.

Big reduction in need for anxiety meds.

Sensory sensitivity reduced, can cope with restaurants much better.

Reduction in bedwetting.

Doing better with reading, writing and math".

Our work is not yet done as is often the case at 6 months. Many gains have been achieved but still some areas is need of help...

"The only thing he is really struggling with is his motivation and still having to ask him to do something 10 times. Needs help with executive functioning, catching bus for school because leaving everything to last minute, and getting to sleep without melatonin".

MYMOP is an outcome measure tool for measuring what patients want to 'come out of the treatment'. These choices are written down in the patient’s own words and the patient scores them for severity over the past week on a seven-point scale: 0 = as good as it can be, 6 = as bad as it can be. A one point reduction in score is clinically significant. When the score reaches 0 the patient either no longer requires treatment, or it's time to pick new symptoms for the MYMOP to focus on.

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