ADHD & exam stress: Coping with homeopathy

May 8, 2019


Exam stress and anxiety is so much easier to handle if you've got a few homeopathic remedies to hand. Calming nerves with homeopathy helps improve focus and naturally enhances exam performance.

Exam time is overwhelming for most of us. For people with ADHD it's often filled with dread. The pressure to study and focus over an extended period is a daunting challenge. ADHD effects executive functioning skills such as organization, time management and problem solving making it more difficult to meet deadlines, complete necessary study and hold onto information for tests, which inevitably results in anxiety.

The following remedies are worth having in stock leading up to exam time.

Arg Nit is the remedy to use if your child worries a lot before an exam, and is in such a state by the time of the event that she cannot do it well and falls to pieces. She may have a churning tummy and some diarrhea. The anxiety can start a few days before with a lot of what if?' questions. It's an ideal remedy for impulsive and restless children who are often in a hurry because they are worried about being late or missing deadlines. There's a constant nervousness which results in trembling and incoordination. Give Arg nit 30c for 1-2 days prior to exam/s.

Gelsemium can be used if your child gets so nervous that she seizes up with fright when about to perform or be tested and becomes shaky and trembles, and hence unable to do it. They may go blank. There may be diarrhea and drowsiness. If this is your child's pattern give Gelsemium for 1-2 days prior to exam and on the morning of the exam. Its a great remedy for stage fright!

Lycopodium is for the child that gets into a state before the event due to a lack of confidence and insecurity, making a huge fuss to get reassurance, often in an irritable and demanding way. The Lycopodium child is always fine once they get going and normally do very well despite their worries. Homework sessions never last long, nervousness and agitation prevent child from keeping his/ her attention on a subject.

I also recommend additional support with flower essences during this time too. I find Australian bush flower essence Cognis helpful for enhancing focus, clarity and learning and Bach Rescue Remedy for easing exam nerves. Just add drops in a glass or bottle of water, which you or your child can sip while studying and before or during an exam.

If the above remedies don't bring relief or you're unsure which remedy matches your child feel free to book in for an acute consultation.

It's also not too late to book in for a full consultation for a constitutional remedy which will not only help relieve anxiety but improve attention and focus by addressing the underlying causes of ADHD and its impact on executive functioning.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider. First aid situations may require medical or hospital care. Do not use this article as a means to diagnose a health condition. Speak to your doctor if you think that your condition may be serious, before discontinuing any medication that has been prescribed for you, or before starting any new treatment.

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