S.M. / Age 15 / ASD, SPD, Anxiety

S.M. / Age 15 / ASD,
SPD, Anxiety


"Eileen was recommended to us by a close friend many years ago. Our 10-year-old boy has ASD, sensory processing disorder, and anxiety. It wasn't until March 2023 when our son really hit a bump in the road that we said we would try homeopathy. We were at our wit's end. He had regressed at school, and his anxiety was through the roof. I scheduled a discovery call with Eileen and following that booked a first consultation. Eileen was very kind and compassionate, listened to us, and assured us that homeopathy could help. We were relieved.

Our son started his first course last March and we are on our 3rd course now. The treatment was really easy to follow. We were new to homeopathy so we had loads of questions which Eileen always answered and was a great support. Homeopathy is so gentle. Our son's anxiety has gone from 10 to 1 in a year. He has improved his communication skills and his eye contact. His awareness of danger has also improved. He is now staying until 2pm in school which is a massive improvement.

He's had huge gains through homeopathy so much so that I have started my journey with Eileen. Our younger son who suffered huge anxiety while transitioning to a new classroom in school also benefited from a remedy recommended by Eileen. All I would say is if you're on the fence and not sure just book a call with Eileen. You won't regret it. We are continuing to work with her and can't ever imagine life without homeopathic remedies."

R.S. / Age 6 / ADHD

Chicago, USA

"I am so blown away with our son's progress. Bedtime has vastly improved.  His long, drawn out bedtimes have reduced to about a 20 minute routine.  He approaches bedtime now with such confidence vs fear, he now settles and regulates his body and mind without giving him melatonin supplements and (most significantly) he has been sleeping in his own bed the entire night.  Our son now sleeps until 6:45am rather than waking up before 6am.  I cannot fully impress upon you just how significant and profound these changes have been not only to him,  but for all of us.

My husband and I have actually been getting restful and restorative sleep, truly the first time since our son was born (8 years not that I’m counting!!).  Life is brighter without that haze of exhaustion weighing us down.During our start of the year parent teacher conference a few weeks ago, his teacher shared with me how wonderful it is to have him in class, how he makes significant contributions to the learning and how he has quickly become a positive leader among his peers.  She acknowledged that he is high energy and very social, which will take him far in life, but she stressed that he can and does sit still in his chair, focus and concentrate.  She said that he does his work with such enthusiasm and he works hard. That was such a welcome relief to hear.  

I think there are more things to work on, but I could not be any more pleased to know that he is learning, not being disruptive, and most significantly, not viewed as struggling with ADHD, which seems to be the go-to for young boys here in the US.Additionally, he has stopped talking back, he has become so much more cooperative and has fewer meltdowns.  His emotional regulation has been another wonderful, significant improvement. I am so grateful to work with you and appreciate your empathy and understanding during our calls. You are so humble in your ability to heal; you truly have a gift.  Thank you for sharing that gift with us!"

R.C. / Age 16 / ASD, ADHD

R.C. / Age 16 / ASD,

Seattle, USA

"I would like all the other parents of children with ASD to know there is hope. My son is now 16 and very social. This was not the case five years ago when he was having trouble socializing, having trouble advocating for himself. Before that in third grade he would just put his head on his desk and be checked out. Traditional medication proved to be the wrong direction and we tried naturopathic but things were getting worse and then we found homeopathy.

Boy, do I wish we had found it sooner! How was this tiny little sugar pill coated in a homeopathic remedy going to help my son I asked? One benefit was these pills were going to be easy to take as you just suck on them. We saw layers come off over the years. His memory is better, his socialization, he engages more with others, and conversations are two ways, no tantrums like before (you still get the “typical” teenage stuff), but he is happy now where he had been mad before.

We are not at the end of his homeopathic journey (nor ours now that I have discovered all the things it can help with), but we are in a place where everyone I meet who is a parent of a child with autism looking for help I tell them about homeopathy and what a profoundly positive impact it has had on all of our lives. Eileen is wonderful to work with, knowledgeable, and caring."

X.K. / Age 13 / ADHD, SPD, GAD

X.K. / Age 13 / ADHD,


"Homeopathy was a total game changer for my son. Before meeting Eileen from My Radical Remedy, my life was an emotional roller coaster and this extended to our immediate family members.
My 13 year old son was diagnosed 3 years ago with severe ADHD, GAD, SPD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia and depression. As a result of the late diagnosis, he missed out on early interventions which could have made a difference. Apart from having to cope with his emotional instability and learning disabilities, he had a long history of medical issues.
At school, he was a handful to deal with. His school life was marked by numerous suspensions brought about by his violence and aggression. Getting into trouble was a norm for him. And when he stayed in school, he was only allowed to stay for 3 hours. Even so, I was often called to take him home early. He was easily triggered by words, sounds and touch. He struggled to focus in class and avoided all homework and assignments.
At home, we lived in fear of him. We were afraid to provoke him as it could possibly lead to massive meltdowns, physical violence and self-harm. His sister and me often bear the brunt of his outbursts. His anxiety made life stressful for all of us at home. He spent his days at home playing games and watching youtube. He was extremely defiant.
He was on Lexapro and Abilify to help him cope with his anxiety and depression. He further took concerta to help him manage his ADHD. In addition, we supported him with occupational therapy, weekly counselling, chiropractor, Tomatis Brain Training and many other interventions. He also took a lot of supplements such as multivitamins, fish oil, magnesium and zinc. Despite these efforts, he remained highly anxious, depressed, defiant and aggressive.
I chanced upon Eileen’s facebook page and decided to give homeopathy a try. I was not hopeful as I had been let down constantly by all the therapies that he had earlier went through. Eileen was very patient, approachable and empathetic. She spent some time to understand my son’s issues and deep dived into each problems to find the root cause. When I received the remedies, I was very skeptical as I wondered how these small pills could help. Nevertheless, I had nothing to lose. As a Mother, we try everything.
I was completely astounded by my son’s progress. Within a week, his anxiety and defiance went down. He became more compliant and less aggressive. In the following weeks, his anxiety and depression were gone and this gave me the much needed confidence to take him off Lexapro, Abilify and Concerta. He is off these medications and continues to be anxiety free till today. In fact, he is much happier these days. He started to be less sensitive to touch and is now willing to bathe and wash his hair, an activity that he used to avoid. Sounds that used to bother him and turned him into an anxious wreak, now no longer affect him. In fact, his improvements were so drastic and the fact that he is no longer aggressive led his school to finally allow him to return to full day. He is also a little more willing to do his homework these days and his handwriting is finally not illegible. Now, as a family, we no longer need to watch what we say for fear of provoking him. There is definitely less tension at home and more laughter these days.

My son continues to surprise me each day. Despite his lack of attendance in school, he was able to score an overall average of 64% in his recent final year exams, a marked improvement from the previous year average of 49.5%. His social skills are better and he just had his first ever sleepover at his friend's place.
I cannot thank Eileen enough for everything that she has done for my son. I would strongly recommend anyone who is still sitting on the fence to give homeopathy a chance and see the miracles unfold. Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel. My son’s future looks hopeful."

P.K. / Age 16 / ADHD

P.K. / Age 16 / ADHD

New Jersey, USA

"Prior to discovering Homeopathy, my teen daughter struggled with so many debilitating physical and mental symptoms. Over the years, she kept developing more problems. I had been researching if she may possibly have a disease or disorder. I could not find answers as to why she had so many problems and struggled to help relieve her symptoms.  

One of the biggest issues my daughter faced was severe mental health issues from a very young age. She had been in intensive therapy more times than I can count, taken natural supplements and prescription drugs. All of these things helped some, but it was still a big struggle. The prescription wasn't working anymore, and I had taken her off of it. 

Other neurological issues she had were tics, migraine headaches, and  ADHD, inattentive type. We had previously tried Neurofeedback. It definitely did help her concentration and tics, but the symptoms were returning. 

Since starting puberty, she had been borderline anaemic. It was so difficult to get her iron up to even low normal levels. Even with supplements, her iron would go up and then drop. I kept having to experiment with the right products to use. Once she even went to the Emergency Room with a heart issue related to her low iron. 

At the age of 9, she was diagnosed with Chronic Pain. We were just told that people with depression just have this because of inflammation. Every day she would hurt in various parts of her body. I did not know how to help her. This chronic pain was in addition to daily migraines.  She was also chronically lethargic. She would have short bursts of energy, but she laid around a lot. 

She also had HORRIBLE allergies. Even after 5 years on sublingual allergy drops, she suffered and went through gobs of tissues every morning and night. That was even with over the counter allergy medicine.

During the Covid 19 shutdowns, her depression became severe.She expressed not wanting to live. She did not want to come out of her room.  She had been on homeopathy for several months and we had not found the right remedy for her. I was desperate to help her and wanted to discontinue homeopathy so we could try other things. Eileen encouraged me to hang in there and that if I wanted to give extra supplements I could. Not long after that, it was like a flip switched. 

Once she was on the right remedy,  she cheered up, became more enthusiastic, wanting to spend time with a family member that she previously felt resentful towards and avoided. The dark cloud that followed her had lifted, and she was finding joy in little things even in the lock-down. She also was no longer afraid of the dark at night or afraid to leave her room when everyone was in bed at night. Things weren't perfect. She had and does have great difficulty tolerating her sibling, but other than that her outlook really improved.

Her headaches went from daily to about once a week or even every 2 weeks. She was taking ibuprofen for these daily and they really interfered with her quality of life so this was a huge improvement. I'm hoping these will continue to decrease. 

Early on in Eileen's treatment, she gave my daughter a bowel remedy that helped her allergies within about 3 weeks time. They have continued to improve with more specific custom made allergy remedies. I'm not sure if they are going to completely go away, but they have drastically improved. She only takes OTC allergy medicine as needed now instead of daily. I buy a lot less tissues now!  I believe the bowel remedy healed a leaky gut and her iron levels regulated for the first time in about 2 years! We were able to stop supplementing the iron. 

I no longer hear a daily report of her aches and pains. She has much more energy and is no longer lethargic. She is enthusiastic to go to school and get her homework done. She still has some Executive Functioning problems with time management and planning, but she is getting much more school work done than previously. 

Thanks to homeopathy and Eileen's treatment, we have been able to drop almost all supplements which is saving us a lot of money. She was taking about a dozen pills a day just to function. Thanks to homeopathy, I no longer am researching what disorder or disease or genetic issues my daughter has. She is happy, working hard in school, pain free except for an occasional headache (much improved), and energetic. Eileen was wonderful to work with. She is easy to talk to, very understanding, and responsive to any concerns or questions you may have. Thank you Eileen! My daughter's life is better because of your help!"

R.C. / Age 13 / ASD, ADHD

R.C. / Age 13 / ASD,

Seattle, USA

"Eileen was amazing to work with! We just finished a Homeopathic Detox for my 13-year-old son. I am so glad we found her. My son has ADHD and his anxiety was off the chart!

I was new to Homeopathy and had a lot of questions. Eileen was so caring, thoughtful, and knowledgeable! She really wants to get to the root of the problem and not just band-aid it. And my son loves her accent!
The biggest improvement was in his anxiety. He is more calm, happier, and centred. I have always loved my son, but I can say he is a joy to be around now. And the fact that he is happier and has less anxiety makes his life a whole lot better.

His ADHD also improved. He started back at school this week in person (after being off for 8 months). His teacher said he had a great day and added (because I asked if she saw any improvements in ADHD) and she said, “I actually was super impressed! He didn't pace, make noises, or appear to be agitated at all in class!” This is huge - because he wants to fit in and not stand out.

Now that we can see how homeopathy can help, I plan to continue working with Eileen to further help increase his focus. Thank you, Eileen, for all your help!"

A.R. / Age 11 / Asthma, croup

A.R. / Age 11 / Asthma,


"I came across Eileen in January 2023 while searching for homeopathic support for my 10-year-old son. He had a history of croup and asthma presenting as a constant cough and was very prone to upper respiratory infection whenever exposed to simple cough or cold. He was on a preventer inhaler to control his asthma cough and that worked well, but his other cough symptoms were relentless. It was halfway through the school year, and he had already missed the bones of 2 months of school due to endless bouts of croup-like symptoms, a viral wheeze, and various upper respiratory infections. At the time he was attending a respiratory specialist in UHL as well as having to make countless trips to his GP with cough symptoms.

Eileen took a thorough and detailed history of his symptoms and patterns and put him on an 8-week course of combined remedies to support his system rebalance from steroid and antibiotic use. She prescribed remedies for his croup and other upper respiratory cough symptoms. In a short space of time, I noticed my son didn’t require an antibiotic or steroid treatment for cough. His system was much better able to cope with viral illness and Eileen’s remedies helped to prevent his symptoms from worsening. His general mood improved and fearful thoughts he had previously reduced significantly.

It has now been a year since my son's initial treatment with Eileen. He hasn’t needed antibiotics or oral steroids for respiratory illness since. I am delighted and would highly recommend Eileen to anyone who is suffering from croup, cough, and respiratory-related symptoms.

Alongside my son's treatment, I also received treatment from Eileen for chronic sinus, tooth infection, and adverse side effects after taking a recommend intervention during the last epidemic, and antibiotics.

I noticed a huge improvement in my symptoms thanks to Eileen's careful and detailed care and treatment. The remedies she prescribed have improved the quality of our everyday lives and I’m very grateful to her for her care."

S.B. / Age 5 / Reflux

S.B. / Age 5 / Reflux


"What an amazing transformation in my health and that of my two children. I never wanted to give my babies adult medicine for reflux, but it was the only option I could find at the time that stopped them screaming in pain. At age 5yrs and 3yrs they were still bothered by reflux; after my son had a biopsy that showed he still had inflammation (the whole process was so stressful)and the only option the hospital gave me was for him to go back on the medicine, I decided to give homeopathy a go.

I just wish I'd found Eileen sooner! While treating my children for silent reflux, Eileen's insight into their systems has also helped them to get rid of verrucas, nail biting (skin was bleeding!), fear of dogs, anger, screaming while getting hair washed (it was like I was really hurting her!!). Now, they are both much happier and definitely more balanced. It's so lovely to see and so much calmer in our home. Taking the remedy has never been an issue, it comes as a wee tiny ball that resembles a small sweetie. Win win!

Once I saw the benefits my children were getting I wanted in on the action too!! I'd been taking antidepressants for some years for PND and was struggling with anxiety (years of sleep deprivation cause by reflux and caused my anxiety levels to shoot through the roof). Headaches were a big feature too. Also, I didn't know who I was anymore, becoming a Mummy seemed to have taken over everything. Eileen has consistently picked the correct remedies for me over the past half a year (I've had a lot to work on!), and during our consultations she is always easy to talk with, non-judgemental and striving to help me find the balance my system needs. I am happy to say I feel content, calm and centred :) I also plan to come off the anti-depressants in the coming weeks - with her support to help eliminate the toxins from my system.

Working with Eileen has transformed about what I think about homeopathy. It's so natural and aims to restore the balance in our bodies. I now reach for homeopathic remedies instead of conventional medicine, I'm much more in tune with my body (and what's going on for the kids too) and feel empowered to make decisions about which remedy would suit which ailment. I can't remember the last time I reached for the Calpol for the kids!!

So thankful for all your help Eileen, what a positive influence you have had on all our lives. Thank you :) Keep up the great work!!"

T.C. / Age 28 / PUPPS

T.C. / Age 28 / PUPPS


"I suffered bad with PUPPS, a pregnancy rash when I was about 7 months pregnant. So I went for a consultation with Eileen. I had this rash in a previous pregnancy but it was not until the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy it flared up and it was awful. But it was worse the second time around, it's one of the worst things I've had to endure, have never had an itch like it. It was a nightmare I felt I was going crazy at times because of it. So knowing how awful this rash is I did not want to have to suffer for the next couple of months of my pregnancy, I was miserable and only had it a couple of weeks at this stage. After trying different herbal remedies which didn't seem to help that well I the went for the consultation with Eileen and after that things started to look up! We tried a couple of different homeopathic remedies and then found one that worked and it was like a miracle! The effect this remedy had on me was amazing, the rash cleared up after a couple of weeks, a lot of stress I was having was gone and I was able to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. Eileen also helped me through the rest of the pregnancy with preparing for the babies birth and arrival and also gave remedies to help my son deal with the arrival of a new baby too, and it definitely worked! After baby was born Eileen also helped me along with my recovery and with some breastfeeding issues I was having. I am so happy I went for that consultation and used homeopathic medicine! I can't imagine what things would have been like without Eileen's help so I cannot thank her and recommend her enough!"

T.S. / Age 6 / ASD

New Mexico, USA

"Before we started working with Eileen, meltdowns that often involved hitting, kicking, and destruction occurred several times a week, and could easily last half an hour. It was difficult to predict what would set them off- it could be saying “Good morning!” or cleaning up a messy room. He was “kicked out” of two preschools due to behaviors like pushing, destroying the classroom, and just generally “not listening.” It was difficult to teach him because he needed one-on-one support from an adult because he was dysregulated and angry when presented with new tasks. I was told to enroll him in a highly structured class or have him repeat kindergarten. He was mostly sitting in the class loft, had difficulty engaging in learning activities, and still had trouble on the playground. Toileting in public restrooms was difficult to impossible. Despite all of this, when he was calm and regulated, he was such a sweet, fun, and smart boy.

After a year and a half, he’s in such a great place! He loves school now, is making friends, and his teachers say what a great kid he is all the time! Instead of all the negative things, I hear, “ He’s really maturing “ and how helpful he is in the classroom. He’s making and keeping friends. His frustration tolerance has grown, and he likes to do homework! He’s proud of everything he’s learning this morning. He’s “still behind” academically, but consistently making progress.

At the beginning of working with Eileen, he already had so many ups and downs, that it was hard to tell sometimes if the remedies were helping. But looking back now to where we were a year and a half ago I am so amazed how far he’s come and so quickly! The school district's ASD specialist told his teacher she couldn’t believe how well he is doing, that when she walks in the room to check in on him, she couldn’t pick him out as behaving any differently than the other kids. His speech therapist at school was floored watching him play a game with his book buddy and make conversation.

He’s doing so well, my anxiety for the future is gone, we’re able to go out and socialize again, home life is so much smoother, he’s going to be able to participate in summer camps this year. The world is just opening up to him more and more! Now everyone gets to see the sweet, fun, smart boy he’s been the whole time. Thank you Eileen!"

F.P. / Age 8 / ADHD

London, UK

"My 8 year old Daughter who was really struggling with ADHD symptoms, behaviour, anxiety, sleep and skin issues with huge warts on her knees and hands for years. We have tried lots of other therapies with no improvements. Since starting the ADHD detox we have seen some great gains in her mood, behaviour, school work, sleep and warts.

We have seen huge breakthroughs , she is no longer having melatonin for sleep, enjoys life at home and school and her warts are almost non visible. She is the happiest most loving girl she has been in years and I believe her Homeopathy treatment has helped all of her struggles both physically and emotionally. Eileen has been amazing throughout to work with, very caring , understanding and thorough to get to the root cause, highly recommended."

P.C. / Age 10 / ASD, SPD


"Before homeopathy with Eileen, our son was generally overall very unhappy, anxious, and irritated every day. We were very isolated and unable to go places. Our son didn't want to socialize or go to parks, play areas, restaurants, church, and family events. I couldn’t visit my parents/family because he refused to get out of the car. He would hold his head and hold his hands over his face for nearly the whole time we were out in public and also at home. Life has improved so much. We can go to all of these places now as a family and he genuinely enjoys it. He even asks to go places and looks forward to going. We can visit family and even stay over for a night.

His speech was limited which often led to aggression because of his frustration with communicating, even with the help of visuals and pecs. He is much happier now and can tell us what he wants, explain when/ where he is hurt, what he wants to eat/drink, and where he wants to visit. Before I couldn’t leave him with anyone because of how hyper and aggressive he was.

He loves it when his Dad comes in from work and immediately goes to him to play and have fun. Previously he didn’t acknowledge him coming home. He's enjoying playing and having fun with his brothers. Before he didn’t take much notice of them and preferred to be on his own. He asks to go places and has a great sense of humour. He’s always making jokes and trying to get everyone to laugh.

Our son is now learning things on his own. He takes huge developmental leaps like going from having no interest in riding a bike to picking one up and riding with no stabilizers. He has become independent with feeding himself, and even making his own food. We didn't teach him this he just started to take food out and prepare for himself things e.g. Peanut butter on toast which is quite hard to teach children even with hand over hand. He now also pours his drink. I realize now that when he looked like he wasn’t interested and was in his own world he was taking it in and learning. He loves music and he sings beautifully. He asks us to play songs for him. If doesn’t know the words he will hum along, and when I play it next time he sings along. He picks up the words very fast.

School has improved so much. I always get great reports every week and he genuinely enjoys going in. Before it was quite hard to even get him out the door and I was always anxious that a phone call would come that he was being aggressive/ upset, and needed to be collected. I was frequently called to school to collect him because they couldn't manage his behaviour. He loves going on the school bus to and from school and eagerly awaits it in the morning. Before I couldn’t even get him to go with his own Dad. He was extremely attached to me.

We had a big issue getting him to wear clothes even in the coldest weather. He now loves to get dressed and asks for certain character pyjamas for bed each night, and loves to wear his coat/hat/gloves and tells me he feels cold.

If he sees someone getting hurt or a child crying he shows concern. He will ask me 'what’s wrong?', 'Do they need medicine?'. Previously he would scream and cover his ears if another child showed distress, he would even bite me out of frustration because the noise would irritate him so much.

It wasn’t easy at times but with Eileen’s ongoing support and guidance it made a huge difference understanding why certain things were happening and he would always come out the better side."

K.S. / Age 18 / ASD, Anxiety

K.S. / Age 18 / ASD,


"Over three years ago my 18-year-old son, who has ASD, started working with Eileen. I can't believe ALL the changes he has made since that time!

Now, he has his driver's license and feels comfortable driving on his own. This was a HUGE accomplishment!

Last week he went over to a friend's house! At 20 years old, he now has friends and actively gets together with them and does activities together. He never had friends before. He is now able to give and take in a relationship, which makes communication and friendship so much easier!

Decisions are now so much easier for him to make and not as complicated nor as overwhelming! Like deciding on which parking space to use or what to wear each day when he gets dressed. His self-care has drastically improved! He now knows when he needs to take a shower and can do so without any other directives.

He now can touch food and prepare a few meals from scratch, whereas before his sensory issues were too much and the steps involved in preparing even a simple dish were too challenging.

He loves to read and can now independently go to any of the local libraries and pick out a book to read. Before, the anxiety of going in and not knowing who he would meet would stress him out. Today, he feels comfortable going into any of our local libraries and signing out a book. This has transferred to the grocery store and other areas needed for independent living. When we are eating out as a family, he can now order from the menu, tell the waiter/waitress what he wants to eat, even if he has never been to that particular restaurant. He also can now advocate for himself, having anaphylactic allergies and letting the server know.

He finished high school and was accepted into trade school. He successfully completed the program and was hired by a company! These are HUGE examples of skills and improvements he has made since starting treatment with Eileen.

Eileen is very easy to talk to - as a mom/caregiver and my son was at ease in how she related to him. He looks forward to talking to her and sharing stories! She also has been a great cheerleader and encourages him! It's helpful to look back and see how far he has come in such a short period of time!

His quality of life, his happiness, and his independence has dramatically improved! He is NOT the same young man that he was before he started seeing Eileen a few years ago! These are just a few examples of things my son couldn't do at 18 years of age (even after YEARS of training and practice), but now, thanks to Eileen's patient, compassionate, and excellent care, he can now do so independently. Homeopathy works and a wonderful homeopath, like Eileen, makes ALL the difference! :)"

L.D. / Age 6 / OCD, ADHD


"So thankful that we found Eileen! My son was struggling with impulsivity, poor memory, guilt, resistance to schoolwork, anger while playing video games, sadness, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, auditory processing problems and OCD. We had adjusted diet, added various supplements, enforced routines, set goals and attended therapy but the biggest improvements came after introducing homeopathy! Eileen was very thorough when reviewing my sons background and symptoms and encouraged me to contact her with all questions/concerns. My son has come so far in a short time with the remedies that Eileen has prescribed and we are looking forward to continuing our work with her!"

R.K. / Age 10 / ADHD

R.K. / Age 10 / ADHD

Texas, USA

"My son has ADHD and with that comes so many challenges.  He had been sneaking downstairs when we went to bed at night to play video games, watch YouTube, and eat lots of snacks.  It was getting exhausting trying to round up all the remotes, controllers, electronics, etc every night in our attempt to manage the situation.  We made an appt with Eileen and after meeting with us, she started us on a personalized program based on my son’s history. The first week he was much more snuggly and compassionate which made us excited and hopeful that it was helping.  We had a hiccup in the middle of treatment when he ate something with food dye but despite that set back, we saw him almost immediately stop sneaking around at night.  He just stopped!  On top of that, We also had the added benefit of him stop biting his nails.  It was such a great experience and we appreciated the specialized care specifically for him"

D.V. / Age 16 / ASD

London, UK

"Before homeopathic treatment with Eileen it felt like we had no plan or direction. We were at a standstill with our son's development and progress.

The remedies are easy to take, and our son is happy to take them. It's amazing to see the improvements week by week.

He can better express his wants/needs/feelings and waits for the reply/response to his request or question. He is more open to try new foods. We can go out on weekends in busy places like the mall and ice skating on Sunday! That was an absolute impossibility before homeopathic treatment."

B.J. / Age 9 / ADHD 

South Carolina, USA

"Working with Eileen has been a fabulous experience and I’m so grateful for her care. I’m a bit of an introvert myself and I instantly felt at ease in her presence on video calls. There’s no pretentiousness, no rush, no pushiness, no judgement, just acceptance and graciousness. I’ve worked with other homeopaths and Eileen’s dedication and care shines through. I was nervous about starting over after losing out $400 trying out a homeopath who claimed to help kids with ADHD, but Eileen’s integrity quickly becomes evident through her communication and responses. She doesn’t take your money and leave you stranded, and that’s important for you to know. Eileen has helped us the most out of any practitioner in his short 10 years on earth.

Life before Eileen was angry, oh so angry. Everything was a trigger, there was always shouting and storming off, slamming doors, breaking toys. Everything was a personal attack and there was always retaliation whether it was family, friends, or classmates.  He was constantly on edge, offended by every comment, always snapping at everyone, so very quarrelsome. We had to give warnings and verbal guidance for every activity just to prepare him, he couldn’t handle a last minute change. He was always arguing with someone, impulsively aggressive - hitting, throwing things, destroying property. He even ran across the classroom and tackled a classmate because he was angry at him. Needless to say we’ve had a hefty dose of suspensions in his school file. When we started homeopathy with Eileen I was at my wit’s end and was looking up prescription medicines for him because I had done everything I could on the holistic end and was exhausted and anxious.

During homeopathy, the changes came slowly, the kind that you don’t notice until one day I realized my house was peaceful, there wasn’t arguing and yelling. He hasn’t hocked up mucus from his throat, his sniffing stopped, and then one day I saw his bookshelf was perfectly organized. This is the kid that would knock 2 shelves full of books to the floor in search of something and then leave them all there. When made to pick them up, he’d pick up handfuls and shove them in all willy-nilly. Now his bookshelf is tidy and orderly and it’s still shocking. You have to be in this for the long game and for permanent changes, which are considerably better than the few hours that amino acids, herbs, and Rx meds can give. He’s still himself, just more agreeable, less angry, more calm, and a lot more willing to be flexible.  
Last fall in soccer, he was the kid running all over the place when other kids were sitting quietly. He was 9 and acted worse than 6 year olds. He was always acting a fool to get laughs, his sense of social identity and understanding was terribly wrong. It was aggravating and so embarrassing, for him and for myself. This year we’re 2 practices in and he stands still, he takes himself seriously, he doesn’t act up and show off to make teammates laugh, he tries hard and isn’t fooling around anymore. It’s a dream difference!​Homeopathy helps take layers of problems off one at a time, it helps your child’s true personality start to shine through and you begin to see their potential again. Healing the underlying issues takes time and patience, but your child is so worth the effort. It is such an easy and overall affordable resource, please do your kids a favor and work with Eileen."

J.L. / Age 8 / ADHD

South Carolina, USA

"When we started homeopathy my son was struggling with defiance and aggression with his younger brother, he was unable to let argumentative situations go. He also struggled with poor memory, and reading comprehension was difficult.

Eileen provided us with remedies to clear the effects of the ADHD stimulants we had tried over the past year and a half.  We started seeing minor improvements.  After a few adjustments we found a remedy which helped my son to do his school work without my supervision, and no one getting hurt.  There was finally some peace in our home. Then we started seeing improvements in his grades overall.  His determination was greater than I have ever seen.  He isn't struggling as much with poor memory.  For the first time in a long time, he was getting recognized at school which really boosted his self esteem.  

We still have some work to do with him being mouthy, but he quickly listens when he's told to let it go. He's not nearly as emotional or reactive after 3 courses of homeopathic remedies over a 6 month period. I really appreciate the time and dedication Mrs. Eileen placed into helping my son excel in school, home, and in social situations with other kids."

I.P. / Age 8 / ADHD

United Kingdom

"We started our 8 year old daughter on the Homeopathic Detox Therapy as she was really struggling with ADHD symptoms, hyperactivity, fixations, aggression, meltdowns and sleep issues that were controlling our lives. We have tried all sorts of therapy, Osteopathy, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Nutritionist to help but with no real improvements.
We started in May with some really good results from week 1. We have seen a real turnaround in most symptoms, the results so far have really enabled us to reconnect with her and we’ve been able to do things that were either not possible before or not enjoyable e.g. leaving the house, going for a bike ride or walk, and meeting up for a play. 

Most of her symptoms are greatly improved and she seems so much calmer, happier, less anxious and more clear thinking. Friends and family have also commented on how much she has improved.

She was also taking Melatonin for sleep problems which she now doesn't need to take at all. We really feel that Eileen's Homeopathy has helped her so much in such a short space of time, we still have a long way to go but I'm hopeful that she will be so much healthier after we have completed the full course of treatments and that she can continue to grow, play and develop happily."

A.W. / Age 11 / ADHD, SPD

A.W. / Age 11 / ADHD,


"We have just completed a 8 week detox and a remedy Eileen Conneely picked for my sons symptoms and we seen improvement from week 1! Symptoms that improved are defiance, argumentative behaviour, attitude, willingness to do chores, focus, whining, and tantrums.

It was pretty rough and I was desperate when I found this page. I had literally spent a fortune on functional medical practitioners, tests, medical grade supplements, special diets, and chiropractic care. While all of that helped we still had symptoms no matter what we tried and were still struggling with defiant behaviour. You name the supplement and I bet you we have tried it!

My son is diagnosed with ADHD combined type, anxiety, sensory processing disorder and was 4 points away from an Asperger’s diagnosis from neuropsychologist. I also personally believe he had Oppositional defiance disorder as well. We were having a very hard time before to where it was hard to enjoy being around him and our home sometimes felt like a battleground.

When my homeopathy pellets arrived I thought “how could these do anything?” However anything was worth a try. Week 1 day 4 my son detoxed a bright red itchy rash out of the top of his feet. The next day I looked at his feet and it was gone! After that day his constant defiant demeanour went away, he started doing what I asked willingly, and we started having peace in our home again. Since then our lives have been so much better! We are enjoying our son like parents are supposed to!"

E.M. / Age 11 / Eczema, Allergies

E.M. / Age 11 / Eczema,


"Before meeting Eileen our little boy was tortured with itch which manifested itself through cracked, broken and bleeding skin on his joints and hands as well as constant itch in his eyes which was causing him much distress.  He was in terrible form and we could see the frustration and suffering that he was enduring but it was hard to cope with his mood swings and aggression towards us even when we were trying to help him. ​Meeting Eileen was a truly lovely experience; her approach to our boy was always so respectful and caring.  Following his initial treatment he is now markedly improved.  

Now he has no issues with itchy eyes and his beautiful blue eyes are shining instead of sunken into his little face.  His skin on his body has improved greatly and we are very hopeful that by the time his treatment concludes he will be free from eczema. ​Most importantly though he is so much happier than he was.  The moods and aggression are gone and he is loving life, laughing and generally enjoying the benefits of his improved health.  Thank you Eileen for this gift."

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