ADHD, Gut health and Homeopathy

May 14, 2019

We cannot discuss ADHD and not discuss gut health. We cannot talk about gut health and not talk about homeopathy.

If you or your child have a ADHD diagnosis then I'm sure you know all about the importance of a clean diet. One that is free from processed food, food additives, non-organic food and allergens such as gluten and dairy.

Your probably thinking tell me something I don't know, right?!

Did you know homeopathy can heal the gut?

Homeopathy can resolve gut issues by addressing root causes such as:

  • Gut dysbiosis

  • Leaky gut

  • Anxiety & Stress

  • Food allergies & inflammation

  • Vaccine damage

Once these gut issues are resolved we naturally see a big improvement in ADHD traits. Sometimes this is even possible without making major dietary alterations and taking a million different supplements.

Case study

Oisin, Age 8, came to see me for Silent reflux, Cow Milk Protein Allergy, hyperactivity, restlessness, being fidgety, aggression and tendency to recurrrent colds.

From the very first remedy Nux vomica Oisin's digestive symptoms started to improve. Less swallowing and reflux. His behaviour and aggression much improved too.

Over the course of 6 months Oisin's reflux completely cleared up. His hyperactivity, restlessness and fidgety nature also reduced. Mother reported that he was a lot more still and calm.

If you would like to know more about how homeopathy can help heal leaky gut and promote a healthy microbiome book your free 15 minute consultation.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider. First aid situations may require medical or hospital care. Do not use this article as a means to diagnose a health condition. Speak to your doctor if you think that your condition may be serious, before discontinuing any medication that has been prescribed for you, or before starting any new treatment.

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