ADHD & hormones: 'I feel like i'm losing my mind every month'

May 12, 2019

Do you feel like your ADHD symptoms go through the roof a week or two before your period? Do you feel like your losing your mind at some stage of every month?

You are not alone. Most of my female ADHD patients make a connection between their hormonal cycle and worsening of their ADHD traits.

What if I told you homeopathy can get to the root of your hormonal issues and restore balance so that you don't have to suffer with worsened anxiety, irritability, rage, depression, fatigue, restlessness, confusion, and lack of focus every month?!.

Book a free 20 minute consultation with me to find out how homeopathy can help balance your hormonal system.

Case study

Fiona came to see me because her PMS symptoms were damaging her relationship with her kids and husband. Once she hit day 14 of her cycle her 'anger levels could go to 0-100 in a split second'. From day 14-21 she had little patience with her kids and became very reactive. If children did something they were not meant to she would 'loose the head, roar and shout'. Fiona's anger levels scared her. She had huge guilt about this but could not control her reactions no matter how hard she tried. Fiona also became very emotional around this time and would cry easily which she didn't like the children to witness.

Her periods were very heavy for 3-4 days, and she suffered with a severe vaginal pressure pain which was better for sitting down or crossing her legs. Strong painkillers was the only thing that could relieve pain to allow her to work.

Fiona had been on the contraceptive pill 10 years ago which brought on symptoms of depression. She also struggled with post natal depression after the birth of her 4 children.

After one dose of Sepia 200c Fiona felt very good. She asked 'am I imagining it'?. She couldn't believe how quick homeopathy improved her PMS and anger levels. The 'edginess, impatience, and rattiness' that would normally creep in around day 14 didn't happen. Around day 30 she thought she was going to have a bad day but even then she was 'far less anxious, short and cranky'.

Flow was not as heavy, pressure feeling lessened, took less painkillers. I recommended repeating Sepia. Fiona's PMS improved so much she didn't come back for 7 months when anger round day 14 started to return. We have decided to do a contraceptive pill detox which I expect will resolve her hormonal imbalance more permanently. I'll share results on this at a later date.

Addressing the underlying hormonal balance is essential to resolve PMS and worsening of ADHD traits. Dr. Quinn writes the changes in Oestrogen associated with woman’s menstrual cycle can dramatically impact a woman’s ADHD symptoms, along with her ability to function. PMS can be more challenging when you have ADHD because your ability to pay attention, problem solve, plan and regulate emotions is managed by chemicals in your brain. People with ADHD have lower levels of dopamine, and dopamine levels are controlled by oestrogen and progesterone.

“The key to better outcomes for women with ADHD lies not only in better recognition of the disorder, but in the realization that in addition to their ADHD, they must cope with an ever-changing hormonal environment that can have a significant impact on their ADHD symptoms,”

“The diagnosis of PMS is usually reserved for women whose symptoms include physical discomfort,” Dr. Quinn writes. “There also appears to be a subgroup of woman (three to eight percent) with PMS whose symptoms are primarily related to mood disorder. These women experience extreme mood and behavioural symptoms, leading to a diagnosis of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). These women report symptoms of irritability, tension, dysphoria, and lability of mood that seriously interferes with their functioning and relationships. ... Adolescent girls and women with ADHD clinically report high incidence of PMS symptoms involving mood disturbance. Some women with a diagnosis of ADHD report that their symptoms seem to worsen during the premenstrual period. These women may actually have premenstrual magnification. This condition most commonly occurs with mood or anxiety disorders, but could possibly be seen with ADHD.”

It is very common for women taking stimulant medication to report that their meds are less effective or cease working at this stage of their cycle. This is usually when Oestrogen administration is recommended which may initially stabilize mood but really is causing further long-term hormonal imbalance. The only option left conventionally for women with worsening ADHD symptoms, PMS, or PPMS is SSRI's, which come with their own long list of side-effects.

If this is your struggle I want you to know that Homeopathy can make a huge difference to your life once your hormonal balance is restored. Book in for your free 20 minute consultation if you would like to know more about how homeopathy can help you.


Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider. First aid situations may require medical or hospital care. Do not use this article as a means to diagnose a health condition. Speak to your doctor if you think that your condition may be serious, before discontinuing any medication that has been prescribed for you, or before starting any new treatment.

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