'If homeopathy can stop my kid nail biting it will be a miracle'

May 2, 2019


When Elizabeth's mom first brought her for homeopathic treatment she declared that she would call all the radio stations in the country if homeopathy could help her daughter stop biting her nails. Elizabeth was biting her nails so ferociously they would often bleed, and painful inflammation was a common occurrence.

Homeopathy didn't only stop Elizabeth from biting her nails but also resolved her silent reflux, aggression, rage, defiance, loud shouting/ screaming, fierce disposition, clinginess, separation anxiety, enuresis, aversion to washing hair, fear of dogs, and tendency to ear infections.

Nail biting (onychophagia) is often associated with anxiety. The act itself often helps relieve stress, nervousness, tension or boredom. It's common for nail biters to experience distressful feelings of unease or tension prior to biting, and feelings of shame, embarrassment, and guilt after causing damage to their skin. The physical consequences can be severe - significant damage to the cuticles and nails, bacterial/ viral infection, cellulitis, damage to teeth, and temporomandibular dysfunction.

I must confess, I am a reformed nail biter myself. I can relate to all the above. I started in my childhood and stopped in my 20's when I first started homeopathic treatment.

Onychophagia is classed as a body-focused repetitive behaviour (BFRB), which tend to be more common in the ADHD population. People with BFRBs often want to stop these behaviors but are compelled to do it regardless. This could be due to the poor impulse control associated with ADHD. Nail biting is also associated with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, separation anxiety, enuresis and tic disorder and other mental health issues.

According to Jennifer Raikes from The TLC Foundation for Body-focused Repetitve Behaviors 'we don’t have conventional treatments right now that are effective for most people”...Relapse is more common than not.” Current treatment methods include Habit Reversal Therapy and SSRIs, which have about a 10 to 20 percent long-term success rate.

Integration of homeopathy into the treatment plan of individuals affected with BFRB's could prevent a lot of suffering. Homeopaths don't treat nail biting in isolation but look at the bigger picture and the underlying emotional state. Long-term success is made possible by addressing the deeper root cause/s of the behaviour.

Following is a brief summary of Elizabeth's remedy reactions in regards to her nail biting. As I mentioned above Elizabeth's emotional state and other physical symptoms improved dramatically during this same time period.





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